Christmas-scented muffins



    200 g of creamy butter
    180 g of  sugar
    3 g of salt
    2 g of ground cinnamon
    2 g of ground cloves
    2 g of ground cardamom
    250 g of whole eggs
    200 g of weak flour for biscuits
    80 g of potato starch
    9 g of baking powder

Put the creamy butter in the cutter or the planetary mixer with the ground spices, the salt and the sugar.
Mix all the ingredients well and add the egg a bit at a time.
Hand-mix all of the dry ingredients together and add them to the mixture. Pour the mixture in the muffin moulds or in a cake tin if you prefer.
Bake in the oven at 165°C for 18-20 minutes.

Matched with a hot and fragrant cup of Vin Brulè (mulled wine), with the spices by Azienda Agricola Il Leprotto Bisestile 

Recipe created and made by:
Gianluca Bronzetti  - Pasticceria Bronzetti (Lavis)

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