Custard and wild strawberry tart



    Shortcrust pastry
    Baking powder
    Egg yolks

Who can go on holidays in the mountain and not dream of finding and devouring a meadow of wild strawberries? If you spend your summer holidays in Trentino and know the right places to look, you’ll find plenty… as long as nobody else has discovered and gobbled them all up first!

Even if they have, don’t despair: we’ve discovered the best way of all to enjoy the sweetness of wild strawberries in dessert form: a mouth-watering tart! “Not very original”, you’ll say… but that’s because you haven’t tried the custard and wild strawberry tart from Pasticceria Simion yet (a pastry shop with two locations: Fiera di Primiero and San Martino di Castrozza).

It’s hard to describe the extraordinary balance of the ingredients that make a slice of this pie an explosion of tastes and textures, from the flakiness of the thin layer of shortcrust pastry to the velvety softness of the custard, to the burst of colour and flavour provided by the strawberries.

In this case, the recipe itself is a secret, but Francesco Simion has granted you all a peek through the doors of his workshop with this video (warning: watch on a full stomach, or you might find it rumbling uncontrollably!)


Shortcrust pastry

Combine the butter, sugar and vanilla together. Add the eggs, flour and baking powder. Place the resulting mixture in the fridge.

Combine the sugar and egg yolks. Add the vanilla to the milk and bring it to just below boiling point. Add the milk mixture to the sugar and egg, and allow to cool. 

Wild strawberries - gelatin

Roll the pastry out into the tin and place in the oven at 180°. When the base has cooled down fully, fill it with the custard.

Place the strawberries on top of the custard, pressing them in well. 

Brush the strawberries with a layer of gelatin.



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