Grappa spiked Chestnut Mousse



    700 g boiled chestnuts
    150 g dark chocolate 
    150 g  mountain hut  butter
    130 g  sugar
    1 shot glass wood-aged grappa
    optional: minicups of chocolate, cream and cherries 

Purée the chestnuts. 

Melt the chocolate using bain-marie method, add butter and let melt, stirring continuously.

Add the sugar, the butter mixture, chocolate and grappa to the chestnut purée, mix well to obtain a smooth mousse. 

Fill the minicups (delicious also the  chocolate ones) with the chestnut mousse. 

Cool for at least an hour and serve. 

Upon serving, garnish with a cherry or beat the cream slightly, put in the center and sprinkle with dark chocolate shavings. 

Enjoy a flute of wood-aged grappa with your mousse!


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