Fabio Vettori & Art Factory

Fabio Vettori & Art Factory

Production of original drawings and personalised items for individuals and companies.

Fabio was born on 4 July 1957, in Trento where he still lives and works. Still a child, he began showing great passion for drawings, realising landscapes rich in details. In 1981, he participated in a graphic contest. In 1982, he set up his first solo exhibition. This is the opportunity to admire Fabio’s themes and messages inherent in them. In 1983, he published his first poster, understanding also the importance of expanding his business into printing. That is how, in 1985, he began selling his first posters and greeting cards.

The “Formiche di Fabio Vettori” line includes posters, tickets, puzzles, organisers, calendars, school items ...

Opening hours:
only by appointment

Closed on Saturday and Sunday

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