Since 1908, we have been kneading flour and… sky together


Prodotto Bio

PASTIFICIO FELICETTI produce Monograno Felicetti con marchio Bio

Selection of organic, wheat, farro, single-grain pasta, the Felicetti “reserve”

For more than a hundred years, the Felicetti family has been producing pasta that, in addition to selected flours, is also made with air, water and local art of good things.
We use two semolina blends for our pasta, one of which is organic: Durum wheat, Egg durum wheat, Tricolor durum wheat, as well as chili pepper and squid ink pasts. Additionally, the Felicetti single-grain selection is yielded by a careful selection of excellent raw ingredients.

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Our production facility does not feature a retail point, but you can find our pasta at the Caseificio Predazzo and Moena, Maso dello Speck in Daiano, L. Malgher in Pozza di Fassa and Enoteca Valentini in Pera di Fassa and Canazei.



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