Malga Monte Sole

Malga Monte Sole

Malga Monte Sole (2,047 m)

One step from heaven...

Located in Val Cércen (a small side valley to the famous Val di Rabbi) on a large sunny balcony from which you can admire a unique panorama of the valley and the surrounding mountain chains, Malga Monte Sole, completely renovated in 2015, now has a large dining room with an outdoor veranda and 4 bedrooms of various sizes.

Located at the crossroads of numerous hikes, it is an excellent arrival and departure point for excursions to discover the other huts located in Val Cércen.

The sunny position at the foot of wide pastures has always made it a favorite destination for ski mountaineering enthusiasts in the winter season.

The hut has a large stable with local outbuildings used for shelter and for milking the cows. 


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