Rifugio Velo della Madonna

2358 m a.s.l. under the sky

Rifugio Velo della Madonna

My name is Anna and I have managing this lodge by myself for 8 years, welcoming mountaineers and skilled hikers. In fact, our lodge can only be reached on foot in no less than a 3-hour walk. 

My passion and love for mountain summits brought me here and I try to share them with those who come to visit is, through the history of these peaks. 

We propose a simple menu which includes a few homemade dishes and desserts prepared with local ingredients, which reach our lodge, at  2358 m a.s.l. by cableway. 

To those who want to stop sleeping, the lodge (open only from June to September) offers 56 beds, to ensure hikers their well-deserved rest. 

Other info:

- Open from June to September

- 56 beds available (booking is recommended, especially in high season)

- Languages ​​spoken: English and German


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