Bistrot Dolomieu

Bistrot Dolomieu

Bistrot Dolomieu is the place of coming together: myself and my wife Monica; the Unesco World Heritage gems of the Dolomites (UWHS since 2009) and Pizza (UWH since 2017); Andalo, where the Rotaliana and the Giudicarie Valleys meet along with the Dolomiti Brenta Group. The historic restaurant is one of the very first pizzeria of Trentino, set up by uncle Felice Zeni, we later on renovated it with the ideals of a Bistrot always in our minds. A Bistrot is the place where people come together not just for a drink, but also for a true dining experience. Here quality products are skillfully interpreted by the host, who accompanies them to the perfect wines, and by the chef, who cooks them maintaining their essential simplicity while exalting their own nature.

We like to say that at Bistrot Dolomieu we cook pizza following two principles: classic pizzas and signature dishes. At the bottom of our principles lies our work of research: we look for the products that best represents the terroir of Trentino, building a strong relationship with the producers and following the changing of the seasons. Our doughs are prepared exclusively with stone-ground wheat and malted wheat, with the long maturation technique. We scout all our quality ingredients favouring the shortest supply chain.

The Schiacce are our main dishes, coming from the pizza dough, are prepared with 4 different types of flour: whole, soft wheat, rye and spinn corn - a typical variety of corn from Valsugana, characterized by pointy grains.

A Schiaccia is not a Focaccia, because of its structure. With Schiacce we prepare main dishes in which you can taste and discover our terroir and culture. We do, in fact, follow two directions: the Trentine, which enhance the local products and favoures wine pairing as well; and the Italiane, which bring out the Mediterranean terroir as a whole, always while accompainying wines.NB: for us, wine pairing is very important: it's healthy, it's tasty and it's traditional. At the beginning, in Naples, pizza used to be paired with wine; it was only in the 1930s that beer started to take over the wine's place. For this reason we encourage wine to accompany also our classic pizzas.

Finally, at Bistrot Dolomieu we source raw milk cheeses and naturally cured meat, which are sliced upon demand in front of our guests, while we illustrate the product, the people and the valleys that make them. Our desserts are prepared with the same principles of our pizzas and schiacce and our bread is strictly home made, cooked in our wood-fired oven.NB: we also use Slow Food products as I am a pizza maker of the Slow Food Chefs' Alliance.

Filippo & Monica

Opening times:
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12.00 - 14.15 and 19.00 - 21.30

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