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The "Magnificent" Val di Fiemme products

Where flavour meets tradition

The "Magnificent" Val di Fiemme products


All year long - notice that some of the producions are seasonal.

This itinerary touches different town and villages of Val di Fiemme: Cavalese, Daiano, Varena, Carano, Castello di Fiemme, Lago di Tesero and Predazzo

How long does it take?
You can do it in a couple of days, but we suggest you to take your time and to do it in 4 days 

Who can do it?
Simply everyone, families with children included. Only one requirement: curiosity!

This itinerary is thought for who wants to know the traditions and the best food producers of Val di Fiemme, from the cheeses to the craft beer, from the charcuterie to the goat products.

In the center of Cavalese we suggest a visit to the "Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme": literally translated as "Fiemme Magnificent Community". It is an historical palace, the ancient office of an institution which managed the resources in Val di Fiemme, first of all the forest heritage.

After the visit you can taste a traditional cake at Cose Buone da Paolo bakery, just across the street. alcune particolari torte, frutto di antiche ricette rivisitate. Here you can find Simone, whose dad open the bakery (and someone says they made the best apple strudel!) and who makes some delicious cakes: like the one with Birra di Fiemme craft beer. This beer is produced in Masi di Cavalese. here you can visit the brewery (reservation required, tel. +39 0462 479147 - info@birradifiemme.it).

At a 5-minute drive from Cavalese, you can find the Ganzaie and the village of Varena... the paradise for charcuterie lovers! Here you can visit two producers: the Maso dello Speck (in Ganzaie) and Macelleria Dagostin (in Varena). We suggest to taste the speck (traditional smoked ham), sausages (even from game meat) and goat cured meats.

Next stop is Carano, on its main road is located the Caseificio Sociale Val di Fiemme dairy. Goat cheeses, fresh and aged, but not only: taste the Formae Val di Fiemme cheese, made by cow raw milk.

From Carano you can reach Castello di Fiemme: around this village you can notice many bee hives. Here, as in the whole valley, the bees produce an excellent honey, like the multi-floral honey (produced at high altitude the taste is more intense) or, when the season allows it, the rhododendron honey. If you are interested in honey, get in touch with one of the Val di Fiemme beekepers: Apicoltura Dolci Sapori del Bosco, Apicoltura Rizzoli and Barbugli Elio.

In Castello di Fiemme you can visit a little berries production also: the Maso Corradini farm produces delicious raspberry jam.

Go on on the main valley floor road (or, by bike, along the panoramic cycle lane) toward the village of Tesero, where there is the cross country stadium you can find a the Delladio farm, a production dedicated to the goat: from the meat to the cosmetics made with goat milk.  

From the Lago di Tesero area, you can go on - on bike or by car - toward Predazzo. For the Grappa Lovers - the traditional alcoholic beverage made from marc, the grape pulp - we suggest a stop in Panchià. Here you'll find L'Ones, a craft producer of grappa flavored with herbs and fruits gathered in Val di Fiemme. You can ask to Massimo Donei, the owner, a visit with a small tasting (reservation is required).

Then in Predazzo you will find two interesting more producers. The first one makes one of the most known cheeses of the region, called Puzzone di Moena DOP (literally "stinky" cheese) produced by Caseificio di Predazzo e Moena dairy. The aroma of this cheese is really intense, but the taste is surprisingly balanced and gives off all the flavours and fragrances of a mountain pasture. At the dairy you can take a guided visit, but be sure to send an email or make a call to book an English tour.

The other producer is one of the best Italian pasta factory: Pasta Felicetti. Since 1908 the pure water of Dolomites combines its properties with the best wheats and cereals. It is not possible to take a tour, but we suggest you to buy a Felicetti pasta package: even better if it's the Matt selection - the one with the paper box. It will be a super appreciated souvenir from the Dolomites! 




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