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That fragment of Paradise


Our farmhouse inn is committed to cattle breeding; we produce goat cheeses and vegetables in summer.

The Nones family is happy to host you in their Maso (mountain farm), offering their hospitality made of simple but well-cared things, such as a buffet breakfast with homemade cakes, friendly chats, hiking trips and the most charming itineraries. The simple and genuine cuisine proposes typical Trentino dishes using farm products: fresh eggs, cheese, goat, baby goat and lamb, vegetables and honey ... 

Our farm house includes 7 double rooms, each offering the opportunity to add the third and fourth beds, as well as cribs. Restaurant open to the public
By reservation, guided tour of farm and educational activities.
Free services: mountain biking, snowshoes, nordic walking sticks, trekking stroller and baby carrier, cribs, high chairs, night lights, baby bottle warmers
Paid services: wellness center


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