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EcoBaita Natura Spensierata

Life in the Farmstead

EcoBaita Natura Spensierata

Burning fire, a good book and stories of Gianna’s mountain life, - and husband Cornelio’s - are the soul and heart of this small B&B at the foot of Passo Cereda. Happiness is made of small things, small gestures and simple words. And this is what you find in this farmstead, where Gianna will delight you with rustic homemade breakfasts prepared with old recipes, to be enjoyed all together by the fireplace, which is always on here, waiting for your arrival.

Few rooms, cared for up to the smallest detail, many books to read and browse in the library, where to relax with a good cup of herbal tea, even on rainy days. Here, you can truly unplug, but, above all, feel at home, in a place immersed in nature, where even the little ones can discover the many animals of the farm: rabbits, hens, ducks, but also sheep and goats that eat grass from the meadows around Gianna and Cornelio’s farmstead.

A place where time stops, and spirit and body can recharge.

- Open all year long
- Available beds: - 8 (4 rooms)
- Pets welcome
- Private parking
- Free Wi-Fi


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