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Biscotteria artigianale La Rondine

Biscotteria artigianale La Rondine

Following the regulations of the domestic micro-enterprise, we make homemade cookies and baked cakes.

We are inspired by the recipes of the past of our territory, with a touch of creativity and originality. 

This is just a sneak peek of what we bake:

- Linzer biscuits

- Sacher biscuits

- Strudel biscuits

- Hazelnut biscuits

- Almond biscuits

- Pistaccio biscuits

We also bake traditional sweets such as Sacher and Strudel, always homemade.

My small artisan biscuit lab was born in December 2015, during the Christmas period and not by chance!
Yes, because my irresistible passion for biscuits was born during my childhood, when I observed the hands of my grandmother who were able to transform simple ingredients into extraordinary sweets such as strudel, which she rigorously cooked in the wood-burning oven at home, flooding the room of a sublime perfume.
Therefore I decided to get a job out of my passion, enrolling in specialization courses with pastry chefs, such as Leonardo di Carlo and the Italian Chocolatiers Academy in Limana.
The search for raw materials is as closely linked as possible to the territory, as well as the recipes, using Trentinos butter, eggs and milk.
My products are often made after receiving an order, to ensure their freshness.
I don't have a direct point of sale, but you can buy my products online on the website www.larondinebiscotti.com or, if you are in Primiero, you will find a wide choice at Primiero's Dairy shop and on their e-commerce.
If you want to know me personally and have some more information about my sweets, do not hesitate to call me and, on some occasions, you can also find me at the markets of various events that take place in the area (follow me on Facebook to be updated).


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