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We produce cheeses in house


Marchio di qualità Trentino

Caseificio Sociale di Primiero ha ricevuto il marchio di Qualità Trentino per la produzione del prodotto: Tosèla di Primiero, Trentingrana

Certificazione DOP

Caseificio Sociale di Primiero produce Trentingrana con marchio DOP

Presidio Slow Food

Caseificio Sociale di Primiero produce Botìro di Primiero di Malga con marchio Presidio Slow Food

Among our cheeses: Primiero, Tosèla (Trentino quality brand), Trentingrana (Trentino quality brand), Botìro di Primiero di Malga

Born in 1981, as a result of the merger of accumulation of dairy cooperatives, today as in the past, mountain pastures yield a milk rich in elements that only the high mountain can give; the same milk that is then transported to the valley to give life to delicious Alpine pasture cheeses. Our cheeses are produced using only milk, rennet and salt, in accordance with the best dairy tradition.

Guided tours, upon reservation
Period of operation: All year round, every day (also on Sundays in summer and winter)
Business hours: 8.00 pm - 12.00 pm / 4.00 pm - 7.00 pm
Off season, we are closed on Thursdays and Sundays


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