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“Brazedèl di Capodanno” (New Year’s Doughnuts)

“Brazedèl di Capodanno” (New Year’s Doughnuts)

    Ingredients for one:
    - Butter 100 g
    - sugar 60 g
    - eggs 2
    - yeast 50 g
    - milk 250
    - flour 500 g
    - lemon
    - vanilla
    - salt 

At New Year’s it used to be, and still is, customary in the Trentino valleys to give your Godchild  a “Brazedel”, a very soft doughnut shaped bun taking its name from the fact that the sweet is carried on your arm. 


Mix the ingredients to obtain a soft dough. Roll the dough with your hands making a roll and then joining the ends to make a ring shape. Let rise for 20 min. Brush with the beaten egg and dust with sugar sprinkles. Let rise again and bake at 170°C until golden brown. You can add raisins if desired.  

Recipe by Cosa Buone da Paolo. You can find these special sweets waiting for you at our artisan laboratory in Cavalese !


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