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Squash and Ricotta Gnocchi

Squash and Ricotta Gnocchi

    Ingredients (serves 4): 
    - 250 g squash 
    - 200 g fresh ricotta 
    - 100 g potato starch (amount varies according to the consistency and quality of the squash)  
    - 1 egg
    -50 g Trentingrana DOP grated cheese 
    - nutmeg to taste
    - salt to taste
    For the sauce: 
    - Trentino butter
    - “poìna fumada” (grated smoked ricotta) 
    - sage
    This recipe is a good alternative to normal potato gnocchi featuring a mainstay of Autumn produce: squash! 
    Brightly coloured, sweet, delicate and soft, children love them too (they would enjoy preparing them together with you).
    Furthermore they are suitable for people affected with coelic disease since they are absolutely gluten-free.  


Clean and dice the squash after cutting off the rind (it is preferable to choose a dry, compact squash, having a green rind).

Steam it until soft. Then mash into a purée with a fork.

Add the ricotta (better if compact and not too creamy) the Trentingrana DOP cheese, an egg, salt and nutmeg. Mix all ingredients and add potato starch to the mixture so that the resulting dough is compact yet soft. The amount of starch needed depends on the consistency of the squash and ricotta.

Shape the gnocchi from the dough as you wish, such as the traditional bean-shaped cylinders rolled over a grater or balls (not too big, about 1.5 – 2 cm). 

Cook the gnocchi in boiling salted water until they come to the surface. Then drain and mix with melted butter, smoked ricotta and a few leaves of sage.  

Buon appetito!


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