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Trentino | October 2021

Trentino, October 2021

Events and initiatives dedicated to Marzemino are waiting for you in Trentino to discover the magic of this extraordinary red wine, which arrived in Vallagarina, the southern gate of Trentino, 500 years ago, as a result of Venetian domination. Here, thanks to an ideal environment and subcontinental climate, this vine found the conditions to grow and become an important red wine, and the protagonist of the tables of emperors and dogi of Venice.
On the schedule: tasting sessions on the lake’s shore, culinary walks with tasting, wine cellar visits, dinner with the producer and panoramic aperitifs along the Trentino Wine and Flavours Route, from Vallagarina to Valsugana, from Lake Garda to Piana Rotaliana, passing through Trento and Rovereto.


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