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Trentino | May

Trentino, May 2019

Traditional national event promoted by the circuit of Movimento Turismo del Vino, Trentino South Tyrol section, scheduled for the last weekend of May.

Open doors in cellars, then, but also in distilleries, olive mills and much more! Guided tastings and visits to the most beautiful and representative vineyards for a 360-degree dip in the world of vine and wine.
"Cantine Aperte" is an event that, year after year, collects more and more participants, enticed by the opportunity to visit realities of absolute prestige, as well as the increasing success of culinary tourism.


Movimento Turismo del Vino Trentino A/A
Call +39 338 1722675
www.mtvtrentinoaltoadige.it  | info@mtvtrentinoaltoadige.it  


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