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Gather the flavours of Trentino and bring them home with you

Made by me 

Enjoy a weekend with a difference: gather the flavours of Trentino and bring them home with you

Are you curious to discover the places where Trentino’s products are grown in harmony with the calm and reassuring rhythms of nature? Or how are they expertly transformed and preserved following recipes handed down over generations?

Across the region, fourteen agriturismi offer the opportunity to live an exciting experience. From pick-your-own rambles through the fields to cooking workshops, you will learn the secrets of fermentation and life in a glass jar.

From pine and larch trees to olive and lemon trees, from expanses of apple trees to  vineyard cladded hills. This is Trentino, a diverse and bountiful land that stretches from the pinnacles of the Dolomites to almost sea level.

Trentino’s rich morphology combines the temperate Mediterranean microclimate with the cool alpine environment creating favorable conditions to grow a rich variety of products.

Traditional agricultural practices are key to the conservation and flourishing of this land whose unique features and produce reflect an extraordinary and successful story of human and environment interaction.


Farms & Products list


11th – 12th July | Agritur Dalaip dei Pape
Elderflower and mint syrup



5th - 6th september | Agritur Manoncin
Blueberry jam

12nd - 13rd september | Malga Candriai
Pickled vegetables

19th - 20th september | Ciasa Dò Parè
Onion and apple sauce

19th - 20th september | Maso San Bartolomeo / Coccole di Mammina
Apple and rhubarb jam

26th - 27th september | Dalaip dei Pape
Dry vegetable stock

26th - 27th september | Maso Flonkeri
Damascan rose petal jam

26th - 27th september | Maso Kofler
Black cabbage pesto



3rd - 4th october | La Casa nel Bosco
Sweet serenade tisane

10th - 11th october | Locanda de l'Arguta
Hardy kiwi jam

17th - 18th october | Bosc del Meneghì
Sweet & sour pumpkin and raspberry sauce

17th - 18th october | Solasna
Apple strudel jam



7th - 8th november | Berry House
Polenta flour

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