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Avio | 31st August-2nd September

Avio, 31st August - 2nd  September 2018

With the cooperation of Città del Vino, the old town of Avio will host the historic representation of the “Palio Nazionale delle Botti”. A weekend to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a bygone era, surrounded by reconstructions of a medieval camp, craft markets and  farmers’ fields to learn about bread-making, from wheat grinding to baking.
Three days in the name of vine and wine. It will not only be just about wine, which is no doubt considered the common denominator of “Grapes and Surroundings”, but also about shows, food and wine tastings and guided tours, intertwined in an evocative historical re-enactment. An event made possible by the collaboration between the Organising Committee and the Municipal Administration of Avio, highlighting the peculiarities of this area of Vallagarina, characterised by a particularly alive and active peasant civilisation expressed in the different varieties of wine produced by the many local wineries (private and as cooperatives) that distinguish the vineyards of Avio and Terradeiforti. Another element that contributes to the success of the event is the “Palio Nazionale della Botte” (on Sunday afternoon) fought between the Italian Wine Cities, a challenge that comprises four tests: upward thrust of climbing barrel, parallel slalom with a barrel, grape crushing and, last but not least, filling of barrels with buckets of water. This is a simple, effective way to attract interesting cultural exchanges with other countries and cities and to promote the territory through effective word of mouth. On Sunday evening, at the end of the event, which has seen increasing its visitors over the years, there will be a spectacular fireworks display.


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