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We present the experiences designed specifically for you: unique activities to discover and live the tasty side of Trentino… Just choose what’s right for you!

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  • Botti, pampini e tralicci

    Barrel and grape trellis

    Trentino, all-year-round
    An interesting afternoon through the traditional aromas and flavors of Trentino.
  • Olive, gremal e molitura

    Olive and milling

    Trentino, all-year-round
    Discovering the world of DOP Garda Trentino extra virgin olive oil, starting with a walk in the olive grove and ending with a tasting
  • Il Müller Thurgau e la Valle di Cembra

    Müller Thurgau wine and Valle di Cembra

    Valle di Cembra | tutto l'anno
    A day on a bicycle among the terraced vineyards of the Cembra Valley to discover Müller Thurgau, both in the cellar and in the restaurant
  • Vinacce e Alambicchi

    Marcs and Alembics

    Trentino, all-year-round
    Discovering the magical world of grappa, from the processing of the marcs to the tasting and, for the more curious, to the food pairing.
  • Cucina e gusta

    Cook and taste

    Trentino, all-year-round
    The link between cuisine and territory is historical, indissoluble. What better way to discover a territory than by learning and tasting the tastiest recipes?
  • Weekend in cantina

    Weekend in winery

    Trentino | every weekend
    Are you looking for a unique experience to enrich your holiday in Trentino?
    Wineries and distilleries reopen with tastings, walks through the vineyards, enotour and guided visits to the production areas in absolute safety!
  • Il Marzemino e la Vallagarina

    Marzemino wine and Vallagarina

    Vallagarina | all-year-round
    A day on a bicycle in the Vallagarina vineyards to discover Marzemino wine, in the cellar and aslo in the restaurant
  • La Nosiola, il Vino Santo e la Valle dei Laghi

    Nosiola and Vino Santo wine and Valle dei Laghi

    Valle dei Laghi | all-year-round
    A day on a bicycle in the Valle dei Laghi vineyards to discover Nosiola and Vino Santo wines, visiting wineries and distilleries
  • Una crema artigianale

    An artisan body cream

    Pieve di Ledro | tutto l'anno
    Medicinal plants collected by you in the botanical garden, Garda extra virgin olive oil: these are the simple ingredients that, when mixed and prepared in the right way, will give life to your moisturizer cream!
  • Il Teroldego e la Piana Rotaliana

    Teroldego and Piana Rotaliana

    Piana Rotaliana | tutto l'anno
    A day on a bicycle in the Piana Rotaliana vineyards to discover Teroldego Rotaliano wine, visiting wineries and distilleries
  • Agricoltura tra passato e presente

    Agricolture: past and present

    Trentino, all-year-round
    The territory of Trentino is unique and varied: in a few kilometers it allows you to pass from an almost meditating environment, such as Lake Garda to a Dolomite one.
    A variety of landscapes and climates that characterize the wines: from whites, young and aromatic, to full-bodied and intense reds to the extraordinary sparkling wines.
  • Il Trentodoc tra città e collina di Trento

    Trentodoc wine through the city and the hills of Trento

    Trento | tutto l'anno
    A day between the city and the hills of Trento to discover Trentodoc
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