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An exciting tour to discover a unique and varied territory such as Trentino, which, in a few kilometres allows transitioning from a seemingly Mediterranean environment such as Lake Garda to the alpine landscape of the Dolomites. 
A variety of scenery and climate that makes its wines unique: from young and aromatic whites, to full-bodied and intense reds and extraordinary spumante. Excellent products to discover, day after day, surrounded by castles, modern museums and cities of typical alpine influence.



Our tour begins in Vallagarina, the southern gate to Trentino and one of the best areas for viticulture.  We begin immediately with a visit to one of the wineries along the Adige River to discover the Marzemino Gentile, its most representative wine, celebrated even by Mozart in his Don Giovanni. Next up, a guided tasting of several labels at a wine shop in Isera with focus on types of Marzemino Superiore of Isera and Ziresi.

After lunch in a restaurant located on the Adige’s right bank, which showcases the typical Vallagarina landscape, we continue with a visit to a local winery and indulge in wine tasting. Following is a visit to Rovereto, a city with a Venetian and Hapsburg heart, where we can choose to visit the MART - Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art or the Depero Museum, which is the first museum-home made by an artist. Finally, we have dinner in one of the restaurants in Rovereto, where we enjoy some delicious culinary proposals, and end  the day in a local accommodation facility.
Summary of the day:
· A visit to Marzemino winery 
· Tasting in a wine shop        
· Lunch in a typical restaurant  
· A visit to Marzemino winery   
· A walk in the historic center of Trento 
· Dinner in a typical restaurant                     
· Overnight stay in an accommodation facility with breakfast included.


Second day dedicated to the city of Trento, with a visit to a great Trentodoc production company, the first classic method recognized in Italy and happy intuition by Giulio Ferrari, to learn about the secrets of production of yeasts and bottle holders (pupitre). The morning will continue to the discovery of Trento, the city of the Council, a perfect crossroads between Italian Renaissance spirit and Alpine sobriety. Our aperitif is dedicated to Trentodoc in one of the refined local bars and lunch will take us to one of the restaurants dedicated to the enhancement of typical products.  

In the afternoon, visit the famous MUSE - Museum of Natural Sciences in Trento, followed by a stop to the hills to admire the vineyards of Chardonnay and Pinot nero, perfect grapes for Trentodoc. After a stop in a small family farm to familiarize ourselves with the production process of Trentodoc, we enjoy dinner in the city, in a typical restaurant and spend our night in a nearby accommodation facility.

Summary of the day: 
· A visit to Trentodoc winery 
· A visit to the city of Trento with aperitif in the city centre in a selected bar    
· Lunch in a typical restaurant 
· A visit to the MUSE 
· A visit to Trentodoc winery 
· Dinner in a typical restaurant 
· Overnight stay in an accommodation facility with breakfast included.



Our third day begins with a dive in the past, in Piana Rotaliana. We begin with a visit to the wineries of the Edmund Mach Foundation - San Michele All'Adige Agrarian Institute, located inside a 12th-century monastery, between ancient vaults and modern equipment for vinification and the production of the classic method. After a guided tasting tour, visit to a farm dedicated to the production of Teroldego Rotaliano, a typical wine of this area.

Lunch in the hills at a typical restaurant offering dishes inspired by the Alpine tradition. Next up, we stop at the Mezzocorona Mountain Cable car to climb up to 900 m above sea level, and admire the Piana Rotaliana, called “the most beautiful vineyard garden in Europe”. When we return to base, we visit one of Teroldego Rotaliano wineries to learn in depth about production methods and peculiarities of this product, as well as partake in a guided tasting session.

Dinner in one of the restaurants located between Mezzolombardo and Mezzocorona and overnight in a local accommodation facility.

Summary of the day: 
· A visit to the Mach Foundation - San Michele all’Adige ·Agrarian Institute /a visit to a Teroldego Rotaliano winery 
· Lunch in a typical restaurant    
· View of the Piana Rotaliana from above through the Monte Corona Cable car
· A visit to a Teroldego Rotaliano winery 
· Dinner in a typical restaurant
· Overnight stay in an accommodation facility with breakfast included.



The day begins with a stop at the Pinè plateau to attend a workshop to discover the gastronomic tradition of Trentino, where we will learn tricks to make some typical dishes of the local tradition. Following the tasting of the self-prepared menu, paired with the most representative wines of the province.

The afternoon continues to Val di Cembra, a valley shaped by the Avisio stream, which features impressive porphyry caves in contrast to the daring terraces of dry walls. An area that, by its features, has become the natural cradle of Müller Thurgau. The first stop is at a winery in the Cembra area to discover the main features of this aromatic white wine. From here, we transfer to the village of Giovo for a visit to another farm dedicated to the production of Müller Thurgau.

The day ends at a local restaurant for a true gourmet dinner and at night in a nearby accommodation.

Summary of the day: 
· A Trentino cuisine workshop with guided tasting and lunch 
· A visit to two Müller Thurgau wineries 
· Dinner in a typical restaurant 
· Overnight stay in an accommodation facility with breakfast included.



The last day begins heading to Lake Garda from Trento through the Gardesana Occidentale state road, where two neighbouring lakes are located, Lake Santa Massenza Lake and Lake Toblino, separated by a narrow stretch of land. We will make our first stop in Santa Massenza, at one of the many small producers of Nosiola, an autochthonous white wine typical of this area of ​​Trentino, and of the precious Vino Santo. At the end of the visit, we will continue towards Sarche, with a stop to admire one of the most beautiful views of Trentino, namely, Castel Toblino and walk along the shores of the homonymous lake from where we can see the Nosiola vineyards. Lunch at a restaurant with a selection of local gastronomic products.

The afternoon begins in the direction of Cavedine to visit another farm dedicated to the production of Nosiola and Vino Santo. We continue towards Lake Cavedine, a very impressive landscape featuring a glacial lake surrounded by lunar moraines.

Summary of the day: 
· A visit to Santa Massenza and stop at a farm  
· A walk around Lake Toblino 
· Lunch in a typical restaurant   
· A visit to Nosiola and Vino Santo winery 


Participation fee:
Starting at € 500,00 

Possibility to book a private minibus on request. 
Lunches and dinners will always take place in structures associated with the Trentino Wine and Flavours Route. 

For info and reservations:
Strada del Vino e dei Sapori del Trentino
tel. +39-0461-921863


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