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Taste Trails | The Dürer Trail

Taste Trails | The Dürer Trail


Location: South Tyrolean Unterland - Valle di Cembra
Duration: 2 days
Total length: 28,50 km (excluding taste stops)
Recommended period: spring, summer and autumn

A historical trail that follows the German painter Albrecht Dürer's legendary “Journey to Italy” and unites two neighbouring territories: the South Tyrolean Unterland and the Valle di Cembra, two adjoining valleys separated by the highlands of the Dossone di Cembra.

A two-day trek which starts out from the old Klösterle wayhouse in Egna and arrives at the castle and the striking earth pyramids of Segonzano, passing first through the woods of Monte Corno and then down through the characteristic terraced vineyards of the Valle di Cembra.

A fascinating itinerary which follows in the footsteps of the late 15th century painter and his many watercolour compositions depicting the Trentino landscapes he passed through along the way, with exceptional details of local flora and fauna which today enrich the wine labels of a winery in the village of Faedo.

The products you simply can’t miss out on along the way:

The characteristic “carne fumada”, a salted meat, the “Luganega del Trentino” salami, Trentino grappa, Müller Thurgau wine and sparkling Trentodoc.  

First Leg: Egna - Cembra
20 km 

Today we take off on a journey “back in time” through nature, art, food and wine.

The Dürer Trail takes us from the enchanting woodlands of Monte Corno down to the typical terraced vineyards of the Valle di Cembra, passing a number of curious and fascinating sights including the Roccolo del Sauch, an old manmade labyrinth of hedgerows and a stunning work of natural artwork, and the picturesque Lago Santo, a placid pool of fresh, clear water which also offers some unique panoramas.

Taste Stop:
Once we arrive in the town of Cembra we can have a toast with a glass of Müller Thurgau in one of the local wine cellars such as Cembra cantina di montagnaSocietà Agricola Pelz and Zanotelli  or perhaps try some of the local cured meats and salamis – we can’t miss out on the characteristic “carne fumada” – at the butcher’s shop and delicatessen Macelleria Pasticceria Gastronomia Zanotelli.

Where to sleep:
In an old farmhouse surrounded by vineyards we find the Maso Besleri - Agritur farm and guesthouse, the perfect place for a good night’s rest. Here we should also take a guided tour of the in-house vinegar production plant and/or enjoy a wine-tasting session at the nearby Azienda Agricola Pojer e Sandri farm.

Second Leg: Cembra Lisignago - Segonzano
8,50 km

Today the route takes us into the heart of the Valle di Cembra through a patchwork of woodland and terraced vineyards, leading us to some important local landmarks, from the roaring Avisio stream to the Castle of Segonzano and finishing up at the spectacular earth pyramids of Segonzano.

Taste Stop: 
If we’d like to try some of the renowned “luganega Trentina” it’s worth getting a packed lunch prepared with this traditional salami at the Macelleria Paolazzi butcher’s shop and, at the end of the day, we can also relax and try some of the local grappas at the Distilleria Giacomozzi.

Tip for your journey

- The SAT (Trentino Alpine Club) trails to follow are no. X, no. XX and no. XXX but part of the trail overlaps with the E5 European long-distance path.

- We recommend you book all your meals and overnight stays before departure.

- If you’re looking for a complete holiday package, don’t hesitate to contact us:
  Strada del Vino e dei Sapori del Trentino (The Trentino Wine and Flavours Route)
  Tel. +39 0461 921863
   Email: info@stradavinotrentino.com 

If you’d like to follow the Dürer Trail in the company of a Mountain Leader who will tell you all you need to know about the places and people you meet along the way, contact Albatros and check their availability.


Getting back

You can organise the return trip in various ways:

1. Retrace your steps to the starting point.

2. If you’re in a group you can organise two cars, leaving one at the starting point and one at your destination.

3. Take advantage of public transport, catching a bus as far as Trento (trentinotrasporti.it) and then hopping on a train to Magrè-Cortaccia (trenitalia.com).


Safety recommendations

Before setting out, remember to check both the weather forecast and the trail’s conditions by contacting any of the tourist offices of the tourist board (APT) of the Valle di Cembra. Remember, mountains can be unpredictable!

If you’re taking off during the winter months, make sure you also check for snow and other environmental conditions.


Trekking is fun but also challenging. We recommend you only take the bare necessities with you but don’t forget to bring proper hiking footwear and trekking poles. Ideally, your backpack should not weigh more than 6kg.


Discover the Experiences
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