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Taste Trails | The Via Claudia Augusta Padana

Taste Trails | The Via Claudia Augusta Padana


Location: Adige Valley and the Vallagarina, passing through Trento and Rovereto 
Duration: 3 days
Total lenght: 49 km (excluding taste stops)
Recommended period: spring and autumn

How about making our way along a route which can boast more than 2,000 years of history, maybe combining it with some tasty stopovers to discover Trentino’s delicacies? Well, we have the perfect solution: the Via Claudia Agusta Padana!

This ancient route follows the Adige Valley and, one step at a time, leads us through the distinctive panoramas that characterise the southern part of this valley, called the Vallagarina, with its neat patchwork of vineyards, apple orchards and cultivated fields, hemmed in by lush woodlands on the higher slopes.

But what do we know about this ancient and essential artery of transport and communication? Here is some useful information that will help us along the way: Construction of this ancient road was started around 15 B.C. by the Roman commander Nero Claudius Drusus, stepson of Caesar Augustus, and completed in 47 A.D. to allow troops to easily reach the Danube and the rest of Europe. The Via Claudia Augusta actually has two variants: the first - named Claudia Augusta Altinate - started at Altino near Venice and continued northwards through the valley that we know today as the Valsugana, while the second - the Claudia Augusta Padana - started in Ostiglia, near Mantua, and followed the Adige Valley. The two branches then joined near Trento and the road continued on towards Bolzano and then through the Val Venosta as far as Augsburg in Germany.

This Taste Trail follows the Padano branch, from Trento southwards to the border with the province of Verona, following the route of the Adige river along the modern cycle-pedestrian path. Here we’d like to point out one technical fact: the original Roman road would almost certainly have alternated its routes between the valley floor and the surrounding slopes in order to allow soldiers and wayfarers a safe passage, avoiding for example marshy areas made all the more perilous by the seasonal flooding of the Adige river.

The products you simply can’t miss out on along the way:

Along this Taste Trail we find the excellent Marzemino wine, the Moscato Giallo Superiore of Beseno, Trentodoc sparkling wine, Trentino Grappa and the cheeses of Monte Baldo.

Click here to find out the route and download the GPS map

First Leg: Trento – Calliano
16 km 

First things first, we have a busy day ahead so it’s important to treat ourselves to a hearty breakfast before setting off!

Now, back to our trip: The first stage of the Via Claudia Augusta Padana starts in the centre of Trento and runs alongside the newest and most modern part of the city: indeed, as the route makes its way along the Adige river we pass the recently completed Le Albere district, designed by Renzo Piano.

As we leave the city, the pale pinkish grey of the stone buildings gradually gives way to the predominant green of the wooded slopes, vineyards and orchards that graciously vie for space along the banks of the Adige river. Soon, sitting on a rocky outcrop like a silent sentinel at a bend in the valley, the magnificent Beseno Castle comes into full view.

This territory is renowned for two symbolic products: Trentodoc sparkling wine, an award-winning spumante produced using the traditional method, and the Moscato Giallo Superiore of Beseno. It goes without saying that we can’t leave until we’ve tasted a glass of these two fine wines!

Taste stop 1:
Before setting off from Trento, a good hearty breakfast is important. We can stop for a tasty morning snack at the Panificio Moderno Piazza Lodron 21 bakery, where we can also pick up some tasty delicacies to enjoy along the way, or at any of the Panificio Sosi bakeries, Bar Pasi, at the Locanda Le Due TraviDolcemente Marzari or even Nunu’s X Cafè Incontro

Taste stop 2:
We’ll come across a number of fabulous wine cellars along the way, but we should take special note of the following: CavitCantina BailoniCantine FerrariDistilleria SegnanaAzienda Agricola Mittesteiner Mara or even, deviating slightly from the planned route, Cantina di Aldeno and Revì Trentodoc

Taste stop 3:
For lunch we can take a well-deserved break at the Agriturismo Maso Mirì farmhouse.

Where to sleep 1: 
A good night’s rest is fundamental for a fun and engaging trek and in Trento the choice is endless. We can spend the night in the heart of the city at the Locanda le Due Travi B&B or at Hotel America

Where to sleep 2:
And where can we go when we get to Calliano? A fantastic option is the Agriturismo Salizzoni farmhouse 

Second Leg: Calliano - Rovereto 
11 km 

The following morning, we leave Calliano and take the modern Via Claudia Augusta southwards towards Vallagarina - the southern gateway to Trentino. Here, in addition to the regular rows of vines, lush deciduous woods and pleasant hamlets, we’ll spot a number of charming castles which dot both sides of the valley. The stage ends in Rovereto - a fascinating town that mixes a certain Hapsburg allure with its lively Venetian heritage.

From a purely oenological point of view we must remember that this is the land of the bold Marzemino wine, appreciated by Mozart himself, but also of Trentino Grappa. Both to be tasted!

Taste stop 1
We’ll come across numerous wine cellars along the way such as  Azienda Agricola GrigolettiPedrotti SpumantiLetrari Soc. Agr.Cantina d’Isera, VivallisAzienda Agricola Balter (recommended if staying the night in central Rovereto) and the Distilleria Marzadro

Taste stop 2:
For our evening meal we can choose between two options, both easily reached on foot from Sacco di Rovereto: the Locanda delle Tre Chiavi in Isera or the Il Doge restaurant in the town centre. 

Where to sleep 1:
It all depends on which side of the river we prefer. We can spend the night at the Le Tre Chiavi B&B in Isera or, on the opposite bank, in the old centre of Rovereto, at the Ai Colli B&B.

Third Leg: Rovereto – Masi di Avio 
22 km 

The last stage of our journey leads us gradually southwards, pampered by the peaceful, steady flow of the Adige river and accompanied by a panorama characterised by a wonderful mix of vineyards and wooded slopes. Having passed the junction of the cycle-pedestrian path which leads to Lake Garda, the route enters what can only be described as a gigantic yet marvellous embrace, with Monte Baldo rising proudly on our right and the peaks of the Piccole Dolomiti looming proudly to our left. These uplands are renowned for their wide rolling meadows, and the milk produced here - not to mention the local cheeses - are a delight!

Along the valley floor, wine production is the main activity: indeed, the Vallagarina area accounts for 40% of Trentino's vineyards so we mustn’t forget to taste a glass or two!

Our journey ends in the hamlet of Masi di Avio, although the route itself continues south as far as Verona.

Taste stop 1: 
Before leaving Rovereto, we should stock up on some tasty snacks for our trip. We can stop at the Panificio Moderno bakery in Isera itself or any of its other branches that can be found in Rovereto.

Taste stop 2:
When it comes to wine, along our trail – perhaps with the odd deviation – we can find Cantina Mori Colli ZugnaAlbino Armani viticoltori dal 1607Azienda Agricola La Cadalora and the Azienda Agricola Biologica Vallarom – where we can also stop for a tasty evening meal.
Of course, we mustn’t forget about the delicious cheeses produced at the Caseificio Sociale di Sabbionara dairy.

Where to sleep 1:
For a well-deserved rest after a long day on the road, we can spend the night at the Agriturismo Vallarom farmhouse in Masi d’Avio.

Tips for your journey

- For the most part, this itinerary coincides with the cycle-pedestrian path of the Adige valley.

- We recommend you book all your meals and overnight stays before departure.

- If you’re looking for a complete holiday package, don’t hesitate to contact us:
  Strada del Vino e dei Sapori del Trentino (The Trentino Wine and Flavours Route)
  Tel. +39 0461 921863
  Email: info@stradavinotrentino.com 


If you’d like to follow the Via Claudia Augusta Padana in the company of a Mountain Leader who will tell you all you need to know about the places and people you meet along the way, contact Albatros and check their availability.

Getting back
You can organise the return trip in various ways:

1. Retrace your steps to the starting point.

2. If you’re in a group you can organise two cars, leaving one at the starting point and one at your destination.

3. Take advantage of public transport, catching a bus as far as Trento (ww.trentinotrasporti.it) or a train from Avio (www.trenitalia.com).

A note on accommodation facilities and other establishments

The stages of Claudia Augusta Padana between Trento and Avio mentioned here offer accommodation and other facilities and establishments associated with the Trentino Wine and Flavours Route.

For alternative accommodation or dining experiences you can contact the local tourist office.

Bear in mind however that some of these establishments operate in areas characterised by seasonal tourism trends, so it is advisable to contact them in advance to check availability, especially in summer.

Safety recommendations

Before setting out, remember to check both the weather forecast and the trail’s conditions by contacting any of the tourist offices of the tourist board (APT) of Trento, Monte Bondone Valle dei Laghi and/or the APT of Rovereto Vallagarina.

If you’re taking off during the winter months, make sure you also check for snow and other environmental conditions.


Trekking is fun but also challenging. We recommend you only take the bare necessities with you but don’t forget to bring proper hiking footwear and trekking poles. Ideally, your backpack should not weigh more than 6kg.





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