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Taste Trails | The Way of San Vili

Taste Trails | The Way of San Vili


Location: Val Rendena, Valli Giudicarie, Valle dei Laghi, Adige valley
Duration: 5 days (with option to complete the trail in 6/7 days)
Total length: 102 km (excluding taste stops)
Period: spring, summer and autumn


A Taste Trail that will take you from the Brenta Dolomites to the city of Trento, following the Way of San Vili (along the Lower Itinerary) and stopping off at some of the establishments supporting the Trentino Wine and Flavours Route.

A fantastic trail named after St. Vigilio, patron saint of Trento, and perfect for those wishing to discover both the unparalleled beauty of the surrounding landscapes and the excellent food and wine available along the way.

The products you simply can’t miss out on along the way:
Spressa delle Giudicarie DOP cheese, Ciuìga del Banale salami, Nosiola wine, the sweet Vino Santo, Trentino grappa and, of course, Trentodoc sparkling wine!

Click here to find out the route and download the GPS map

First Leg: Madonna di Campiglio - Caderzone Terme/Bocenago
21 km 

We set off on this exciting adventure dedicated to nature, local tradition, food and wine by taking the route from Madonna di Campiglio to Caderzone Terme which crosses the splendid Val Rendena valley. Along the way we’ll meet some typical Rendena cattle, whose milk is used to produce the renowned Spressa delle Giudicarie cheese.

Taste Stop: 
As we make our way through the Val Rendena, we mustn’t forget to stop for a taste of the local Spressa delle Giudicarie DOP cheese produced by Latte Trento and perhaps a refreshing glass of Pinzolo’s craft beer, brewed at the Birrificio Val Rendena .

Second Leg: Caderzone Terme/Bocenago – Saone
15 km

Today, the Way of San Vili takes us from the woods of Val Rendena to those of the Giudicarie valley, along a stunning yet varied route with a number of uphill and downhill stretches. We’ll need some extra energy, so we head off to a local delicatessen to get ourselves a hearty Trentino picnic to bring with us.

Taste Stop: 
We can get our desired picnic prepared at the Salumificio Val Rendena or at Brenta Salumi and then, later, stop along our way to savour the exquisite local products in the great outdoors.

Third Leg: Saone - San Lorenzo In Banale
23 km

Good morning to all! Today's programme takes us from the Valli Giudicarie to the south-eastern slopes of the Brenta Dolomites and the area of San Lorenzo Dorsino, home to one of Trentino’s traditional salamis: the Ciuìga del Banale.

Culture Stop:
We can stop at the town of Stenico, characterised by both its famous castle of the same name and Bosco Arte Stenico, a magnificent outdoor art exhibition.

Taste Stop:
Once we arrive in San Lorenzo we can wrap up our day with a Ciuìga-based savoury delight and so head to the Panificio Zambanini bakery to try its special “torta salata”, a kind of local quiche.

Fourth Leg: San Lorenzo in Banale - Monte Terlago/Vallene
25 km 

We leave the Valli Giudicarie behind and make our way into another of Trentino’s splendid valleys: the romantic Valle dei Laghi!

Indeed, today we make our way from the foothills of the Brenta Dolomites down to the lakes of Toblino and Santa Massenza, passing through the area renowned for the production of the only autochthonous Trentino white grape variety, Nosiola, which is also used to make the excellent raisin wine Vino Santo.

Taste Stop 1:
We simply can’t miss out on a visit to one of the wine cellars or distilleries in Santa Massenza! This charming hamlet is well-known for its thriving wine and grappa production. The choices are endless but special mention goes to the Azienda Agricola Francesco PoliAzienda Agricola Giovanni PoliAzienda Agricola Distilleria Casimiro and the Maxentia distillery.

Taste Stop 2:

We can finish the day on a high note, or rather  a “tasty” note, at the old Osteria Cà dei Giosi in Covelo di Terlago for an aperitif or an evening meal.

Fifth Leg: Monte Terlago/Vallene – Trento
18 km

Ready for the final stretch? The Way of San Vili is coming to an end and today we make our way from the hamlet of Monte Terlago down to the city of Trento and the Cathedral of St. Vigilio, the trails natural destination. All in all, we’re sure to spend a fantastic day immersed in nature and history!

Taste Stop:
Once we arrive in Trento, home of Trentodoc sparkling wine, we can stop at Bar Pasi, the Panificio Moderno bakery or the Locanda le due travi bar where we can enjoy a glass of the local spumante along with a platter of excellent local delicacies and maybe toast to this wonderful experience steeped in nature, culture, food and wine.

Tips for your journey

- The SAT (Trentino Alpine Club) trails to follow are no. 300, no. 613 and no. 627.

- We recommend you book all your meals and overnight stays before departure.

- If you’re looking for a complete holiday package, don’t hesitate to contact us:
  Strada del Vino e dei Sapori del Trentino (The Trentino Wine and Flavours Route)
  Tel. +39 0461 921863
  Email: info@stradavinotrentino.com 

If you’d like to follow the Way of San Vili in the company of a Mountain Leader who will tell you all you need to know about the places and people you meet along the way, contact Albatros and check their availability.

Where to spend the night

Along the Lower Itinerary of the Way of San Vili there are no accommodation facilities associated with the Trentino Wine and Flavours Route.
Click here for a list of the restaurants and accommodation facilities associated with the Way of San Vili; remember also that some of these operate in areas characterised by seasonal tourism trends, so it is advisable to contact them in advance to check availability, especially in the periods March/May and September/November.

If you take the San Vili's Upper Itinerary e you can spend the night at Hotel Lillà, an establishment located in beautiful natural surroundings and respectful of the environment.

Safety recommendations:
Before setting out, remember to check both the weather forecast and the trail’s conditions by contacting any of the tourist offices of the tourist board (APT) of Madonna di Campiglio, APT Garda Dolomiti and APT Trento, Monte Bondone Valle dei Laghi. Remember, mountains can be unpredictable!
If you’re taking off during the winter months, make sure you also check for snow and other environmental conditions.


Trekking is fun but also challenging. We recommend you only take the bare necessities with you but don’t forget to bring proper hiking footwear and trekking poles. Ideally, your backpack should not weigh more than 6kg.




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