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Maso Besleri - Agritur

Maso Besleri - Agritur

Maso Besleri is an oasis of peace in Val Bona, a valley perpendicular to Val di Cembra, bordering the Avisio stream. Azienda Agricola Pojer and Sandri reclaimed 8 hectares of vineyards to create Besler Biank and Besler Ross and recently restored the two old farms, carving out a small storage for agricultural machinery and a distinctive winery for the processing and ripening of wine and fruit vinegars.

A room has been set up as a tasting room, while the upper portion of the house lent itself to 5 mini apartments reserved for those who want to stay overnight, with the possibility of breakfast, in the peace and tranquillity of Val Bona.

Beds: 15

Open from May to October

Spoken languages:


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