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Albino Armani viticoltori dal 1607

Albino Armani viticoltori dal 1607

Wines and sparkling wines:

  • Gewurtztraminer Crosano
  • Chardonnay Capitel
  • Marzemino Camboni
  • Pinot Nero Santa Lucia
  • Rosè
  • Clè (Spumante Metodo Classico Trento Doc)
Four hunded years of winegrowing, with infinite passion for the finished prduct.
In the Adige Valley, the history of the Armani family and that of viticulture have been going on together since December 7th, 1607.
It is a collective story, which from that moment onwards bears the name of a family.
From the constant study of the history and origins of a place and its wines, to researching the local autochthonous varieties, the recent history of the Albino Armani winery stands for respect for the territory and its people.
We believe that research is the process necessary if one wishes to improve the land, and create a product which consitutes its identity. 
Today we continue our quest, imagining an increasingly sustainable future, where the quality of our prduct is the perfect consequence of knowledge and responsability. Because tradition alone is not enough.
Guided tours by reservation only.


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