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Apicoltura Peterlini

Apicoltura Peterlini

Honey, including: acacia, chestnut, honeydew

Derivatives, including: pollen, Italian royal jelly, wax and candles, candies, dried frutis in honey

For three generations, Apiculture Peterlini has been living in the fascinating world of bees, producing with care, in full respect of nature and attuned to the original idea of ​​its founder: honey is the product of  nature, man has the duty to respect this sublime nectar and appreciate its ever changing nuances.

At Apicultura Peterlini, you can find: traditional honey, as well as walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds immersed in acacia honey, mini jars mignon to enjoy many types of honey, gift-wrapped sets, and natural products without dyes or preservatives.

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