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Apicoltura Trentina Valle di Cavedine

Apicoltura Trentina Valle di Cavedine

Honey and bee products like wax, royal jelly, pollen, propolis

It is a small family-run farm with a workshop located in Cavedine (TN) and organic production area in Drena (TN), in the magnificent Valle dei Laghi in Trentino. Availability of products, due to limited productions, cannot always be guaranteed, though excellent quality is a given.  On-site beekeeping activities and, in particular, the production of wildflower honey was awarded the national Golden Drop prize at the Grandi mieli d’Italia event. The local "ORA" wind (across Lake Garda), engenders an ALPINE-MEDITERRANEAN microclimate which allows growing organic and spontaneous medicinal plants with the biodynamic method through which we achieve a blend of unique aromas and scents. In this natural area, bees collect pollen, nectar and propolis.


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