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Azienda Agricola Le Mandre

Azienda Agricola Le Mandre

Milk and cheeses, including Trentino pecorino, Piedbald Mochena goat, cheese “Mandre” and ricotta chees (made with cow’s and sheep’s milk), tosela and yogurt (made with cow’s and sheep’s milk)


“Le Mandre” is a family-run company, which owns about 20 cows and 75 sheep and processes milk directly in the company’s small dairy factory. “Less quantity and more quality” is the corporate motto, which, translated concretely, means free-range animals that can freely  graze outdoors, production of quality hay to decrease the daily intake of feed, serum that is not discarded but is used to feed pigs, and cheese made with raw milk, just like it was made in the past. For this reason, products features pure organoleptic properties and the intense aroma of milk.

The products can be purchased directly at the farm’s retail centre, in accordance with the philosophy of small-chain production and distribution, namely, “from producer to consumer”.

Opening hours:

Monday - Sunday,
from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Guided tours by reservation only

Spoken languages:
English, Sanish and German

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