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Birrificio degli Arimanni

Birrificio degli Arimanni

Craft beer, unfiltered and unpasteurized, including:
-la Garba: balanced light amber beer, Pale Ale type, 5,9% vol
-la Werra: light brown beer, Brown Porter type, 5,2% vol
-la Fara: hoppy golden beer, Summer Ale type, 4,5% vol

Your Land... Your Freedom... YourBeer...

Research, link with the territory, sustainability. Arimanni Brewery is the result of a journey that stems from passion for craft beer, goes through love for Trentino and pursuit of excellence, materializing in a genuine, surprising and innovative product.

In medieval times, the term "Arimanno" was referred to a free man, tied to his land so much that he decided to obey the lord who left it to him in custody in order to defend it. Arimanni moved in a dance of love and respect for earth. The one who gave him sustenance, if loved and respected, could only generate high quality raw material.

It is from high quality raw material, favoring local suppliers, that Arimanni Brewery starts, without compromise and always respecting its commitments of environmental sustainability and continuous research.


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