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Caseificio Sociale di Sabbionara

Caseificio Sociale di Sabbionara

Products including the cheese Trentingrana DOP, the cheese Casata del Baldo, the chesse Affogato all'Enantio, the cheese goat mixed milk 50:50 

Founded in 1911. Milk processed by the dairy comes from the Monte Baldo breeding farms and mountain pastures owned by the dairy network’s members. Thanks to the high quality of the product and the excellent processing, cheeses achieve excellent organoleptic features. The most prominent dairy product of the dairy is CASAT DEL BALDO, a mountain pasture cheese made with milk from Malghe Baldo (Malga Trattesoli, Malga Artillone, Malga Piano delle Ceneri, Malga Campo e Malga Colma Zocchi di Sopra), which also received several awards at the Malga Cheese Provincial Exhibition. The Dairy Farm also produces other particularly appreciated products like walnut, arugola, chive and chili caciotta.

Another exclusive of Dairy Farm Sabbionara is Formaggio Affogato all'Enantio obtained by immersing Casat del Baldo in Enantio wine produced in the Avio area, from which it takes a delicate aroma producing a special mixture. Or, Misto Capra 50e50 a product that combines goat's milk with cow’s milk produced in mountain pasture.

Guided tours by reservation only
Usually from 8.00 a.m. to 12.00 a.m. 
Monday - Saturady

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