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La Corte dei Ciliegi

La Corte dei Ciliegi

Fruits and products including many types of Compound (red currant; red currant and blueberries; peaches and pears; currant, apple and cinnamon; currants and amaretti; currant and plum; currant and grapes; red currant with strudel flavor; vanilla flavored currants; peach flavored with mint; cherries; apricots; backberry), red currant syrup, black cranberry in syrup, red currant juice


On our farm we cultivate and collect treasures. Over the years, we have specialised in the careful cultivation of Kordia and Regina cherries and red currant.

After the fruits are picked, they are processed and transformed into jams and juices with unique flavours and aromas. They are made without preservatives, that’s why our products taste so natural!

The products are processed using a machine which allows to transform the fruits at a low temperature, around 60 degrees, retaining the original organoleptic properties.

Every package is made with a creative and careful approach so that the final product can reflect our particular and special care for fruit processing. 

Luca loves his land and his woods and has always farmed his fields with special dedication.

Barbara divides her days between being a mother to her children, Giacomo, Francesco and Valerio, and working on the family farm, mixing energy and enthusiasm.

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