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Panificio Moderno

Panificio Moderno

Bread and confectionery products, including natural leavening bread with ground stone flour, brioches and biscuits, artisan panettone and Easter dove cake, apple strudel, apple pockets


Bread is for us agriculture, territory, research and tradition. We went to meet the farmers who carefully cultivate grain and millers who grind the stone flour. We prepare raw ingredients with natural yeast and let them ferment slowly, at their own pace. By tasting our products, you will enjoy the authentic taste of raw ingredients enhanced by simplicity and work, as it was carried out in the past.

Opening hours:
Monday - Saturday
from 5.00 a.m. to 7.30 p.m.
Closed on Sundays

Guided tours 
by reservation only 

Other selling point: 
Rovereto - Brione, viale Trento 31/g
Rovereto - Centro, via Setaioli 2/c
Rovereto - Centro, via Paoli 37
Rovereto – Borgo Sacco, viale Vittoria 15/a
Rovereto – San Giorgio, via G.A. Prato 87


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