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Braised meat in Marzemino wine

Braised meat in Marzemino wine

  • Ingredienti:

    1 kg. di peseto (parte del muscolo) di manzo
    500 gr. di polpa di pomodoro
    1 gambo di sedano
    1 carota
    2 cipolle
    1 rametto di rosmarino
    2 foglie di alloro
    2 foglie di salvia
    4 dl di Marzemino
    Olio extravergine di oliva DOP Garda trentino,
    Sale e Pepe qb


Clean, wash and dice the vegetables and immerge them together with the aromatic  herbs and the meat in the wine. Let marinate for 48 hours, turning the meat over every so often; drain the vegetables and dry them in a pan with a few spoons of olive oil. Add the meat, brown and cover with the wine from the marinade.

Add the tomato pulp, cover and let simmer for about an hour and a half.

Remove the meat from the sauce and let cool.

Put the sauce through a sieve.

When cool, cut the meat in regular slices.
Serve with Storo yellow polenta.

The dish is combined with a glass of Marzemino
The recipe is proposed by the restaurant Locanda delle Tre Chiavi


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