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Cheesecake Trentino style

Cheesecake Trentino style

    Ingredients for the cheesecake:
    300 g fresh ricotta or Trentino cream cheese
    300 g  fresh whipped cream 
    6 tablespoons  sugar
    100 g butter
    Chocolate chips or shavings

Add the fresh whipped cream to the fresh ricotta or cream cheese, incorporate the sugar and chocolate chips. 

Beforehand, prepare the biscuits:  mix together the Storo maize flour, the white flour, the baking powder, sugar, butter and egg. Make 4-5mm thick biscuits and bake at 180°C for about 15 minutes. 

Once they are baked grind and add 100 g melted butter; press the crumb mixture into a cake pan. Pour the ricotta batter into the pan. Cool 10 min. in the refrigerator. Before serving decorate with the red berry jam or, if summer, with fresh berries and a tablespoon of Trentino honey.  

Enjoy a flute of  Trentodoc Demisec with this delicate dessert!


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