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‘Dolce del Banale’ Christmas cake

‘Dolce del Banale’ Christmas cake

    400 g of type 2 Lomaso flour
    200 g of whole corn flour
    1 egg
    200 g of sugar
    150 g of Bleggio walnuts
    200 g of Trentino butter
    15 g of baking powder
    Grated lemon peel, to taste
    A small quantity of Trentino grappa

Chop up the walnuts. Coarsely dice the butter and work it with the flours in the planetary mixer or with your hands, until it acquires a sand-like consistency.
Add the sugar, baking powder, the walnuts, the lemon peel, the egg and the grappa.
Work the ingredients together in a planetary mixer or even by hand.
When the dough is nicely blended and not too compact (it should have the consistency of large lumps of sand) place it in a previously greased cake tin.
Bake in the oven at 200°C for 30 minutes.


Matched with Prezioso Mirtillo made by Antica Erboristeria dott. Cappelletti

Recipe created and made by:
Alberto Zambanini  - Panificio Zambanini (San Lorenzo in Banale)

Do you want to discover the magic of Trentino winter? Enjoy


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