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Gnocchi “Gialloblu” (Potato Dumplings “Gialloblu” on Trentino Cheese Fondue)

Gnocchi “Gialloblu” (Potato Dumplings “Gialloblu” on Trentino Cheese Fondue)

    Ingredients for the gnocchi (serves 10)

    1.5 kg blue potatoes from Margone,
    300 g  White 00 flour type for the dough and 100 g  for gnocchi preparation,
    50 g  potato starch,
    2 ½ eggs, 
    80 g Trentingrana cheese,
    pepper and nutmeg  to taste.

    Fondue ingredients:

    Trentingrana cheese,
    120 g Vezzena cheese,
    120 g  Casolet cheese,
    120 g  Puzzone di Moena cheese
    400 ml  milk
    20 butter
    20 g flour
    50 g cream
    50 g egg yolk
    A pinch of nutmeg  to taste, salt and pepper


Boil the potatoes in jackets; drain and cool well (12 hours)

Peel potatoes and mash. Lay out on a board, add flour and starch, slightly beaten eggs, Trentingrana cheese, salt, pepper, nutmeg. Knead with hands.  

Flour board lightly. Make small rolls and cut with a spatula to make bean-sized gnocchi. 

For the Fondue: bring the milk seasoned with nutmeg  to a boil.

Make a roux with butter and flour then add to milk and cook on low heat for 5 min. 

Grate hard cheeses and dice the softer ones. Blend the cheeses into the béchamel so that they melt slowly.

When the sauce reaches boiling point put quickly through a sieve to avoid lumps.  

Lastly add cream and egg yolk.

Recipe presented at the  Festival del Vino Trentino by chef Federico Parolari of ’Osteria a “Le due Spade”


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