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Castione chestnut mousse “porcupine”

Castione chestnut mousse “porcupine”

    1 kg chestnut purée
    150 g butter
    250 g sugar
    2 fresh egg
    1 shot glass of rum
    1 tablespoon cacao
    Pine nuts, coffee beans, crushed amaretti biscuits and sugared almonds


- Boil the chestnuts and make a purée

- Add sugar, melted butter, egg yolks, cacao and rum.

- When the dough is smooth, add the beaten egg whites.

- Give a porcupine shape, decorate with amaretti crumbs, pine nuts (needles), sugared almonds (mouth and eyes) and coffee beans (ears).

Recipe offered by the Chestnut Protection Association of Castione


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