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Salt crust roast beef

Salt crust roast beef

  • Ingredienti:

    700 gr di carne di manzo - taglio per roastbeef - preferibilmente trentina
    2 kg di sale grosso
    Aromi misti vari quali rosmarino, salvia, alloro, timo, origano, un cucchiaio di bacche di ginepro tutto finemente tritato


Roll the meat in the herbs to cover well and then put the beef in a baking dish. 
Cover it with the coarse salt, sealing it.
Heat the oven until 200° C and place the baking dish inside: cook the meat for about 20 minutes.
Extract from the oven the meet and wait for 10 minuts: then remove the salt and slice finely the roasbeef.

To enhance the taste, pour on the meat a few drops of extravergin olive oil DOP Garda Trentino. 


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