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Pear & Chocolate cake

Pear & Chocolate cake

    200 g of sugar
    100 g of butter
    150 g of dark chocolate
    150 g of milk
    200 g of flour
    50 g of unsweetened cocoa
    16 g of yeast for cakes
    3 eggs
    3 pears
    To taste, a tablespoon of grappa or of pear brandy
    Icing sugar for decoration

Beat the eggs with the sugar. In the meantime, melt the dark chocolate with the butter by bain-marie and add the milk and finally the grappa/pear brandy if desired.
Slowly fold the second mixture into the whipped egg and sugar mixture using a spatula so as not to deflate it.
Sieve the flour, cocoa and yeast together and then delicately add the resulting dry mixture to the previous mixture by moving the spatula with bottom to top movements.
Finally, mix in 1 and a half pear cut into 0.5 cm dices.
Pour into a previously greased cake tin and cover the surface with thin pear slices. Dust the pear slices with castor sugar and icing sugar and bake at 180°C (static) for 35 minutes and then another 15 minutes at 180°C (ventilated).

Matched with Acquavite di pera 1870 - pear brandy made by Distilleria Bertagnolli

Recipe created and made by:
Alessia Zanotelli Zanotelli Pasticceria

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