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Evelina is the newborn of the Melinda family and is also the most surprising: in addition to appearing highly attractive thanks to its elongated shape and red-orange colouring, it maintains it juiciness and crunchiness unaltered over time.

Colour: intense, between orange and bright red.

Special features: thanks to its special characteristics, this apple always seems to be freshly picked.

Shape: truncated cone, tendentially elongated.

Flesh: cream coloured. Always firm, crunchy and juicy. Its richness in natural acids gives it a surprisingly fresh taste.

Taste: extraordinarily satisfying thanks to the perfect balance between sweetness, aromas and acidity.

Harvested: between the last ten days of September and the end of October.

Availability: from January-February to June-July.

Suggestions: as well as being excellent as end of the meal fruit, it is the best apple for preparing fresh fruit salads or when fresh apple slices are called for.



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