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Trentino Apple

The fruit symbol of Trentino


Val di Non and Val di Sole are certainly among the most suitable areas for the cultivation of the Trentino apple. The luminosity of these alpine valleys, recording more than two thousand five hundred hours of sunshine in a year, allows the fruit a wonderful ripeness, which directly affects the taste and fragrance of the apples. Moreover the nourishing land decisively influences the flavour richness. These valleys in fact come from the millenary transformations of the dolomite rocks

The Apple of Val di Non" was actually the first and so far the only one Italian apple to receive the European recognition of "DOP", a guarantee of quality and origin.

But the apple cultivation is widespread throughout the territory, as in Piana Rotaliana, Vallagarina and Alto Garda, the valley of the Mocheni, Valsugana and the Giudicarie Valleys. 


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