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Farm Dal Brolio - il Lago Fiorito

Farm Dal Brolio - il Lago Fiorito

Infusions, herbs, teas

Aromatic salt


Ornamental sugars



Aroma therapy pillows

Dal Brolio il Lago Fiorito is a small farm specialized in the cultivation and first processing of medicinal and aromatic plants, obtained from field cultivation and spontaneous harvesting. 
We grow our plants in a small field on the banks of the Coredo Lake with natural methods, without the use of any chemical substance. The particular microclimate that distinguishes this cultivation area allows us to obtain, for some officinal species, high quality products. Relying on external trusted collaborators, who use natural methods, we obtain a small but precious collection of processed products, such as herbal teas, aromatic salts, pure essences, ornamental edible flower, tasty syrups and cosmetic products.
We also offer training and cultural opportunities for groups and schoolchildren visiting our farm. 


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