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SolaDiva Farm

SolaDiva Farm

Certificazione DOP

Azienda Agricola SolaDiva produce Golden Delicious D.O.P. con marchio DOP

Prodotto Bio

Azienda Agricola SolaDiva produce Trasformati, Verdura con marchio Bio



tomatoes for sauce

tomato sauce


Soladiva is a small farm born from the desire for change, adventure, growth, and from the need to create something new and different.
Soladiva stands between the Noce river and the Barnes torrent, right at the end of Valdi Non and the beginning of Val di Sole: our village is called in Cis!
The project started in 2017, with a limited production of saffron. It definitively developed in 2018 with the integration of the famous spice, but above all with the creation of a new tomato sauce plant of Bogart variety. This variety of tomato is particularly suitable for the production of peeled and dried tomatoes and for special preparations such as sauce. The tomato production method is organic.

The farm also produces Melinda apples.


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