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Gruppo Formaggi del Trentino

Gruppo Formaggi del Trentino

Certificazione DOP

Gruppo Formaggi del Trentino produce Trentingrana DOP con marchio DOP


It offers a range of cheeses that include, in addition to Trentingrana, all of Trentino's excellence conferred by participating dairies: Puzzone di Moena, Vezzena del Trentino, Casolet Val di Sole, Tosela di Primiero, Fontal di Cavalese, Mezzano Trentino and Affogato di Sabbionara. All our products share a common denominator, namely “ONLY GRASS AND HAY” labels, indicating that these cheeses are produced with milk from cows that have been fed exclusively with hay and non-GMO feed.
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