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Violet Syrup

Violet Syrup

    • a cup full of sweet violets (also called wood violets, in Italian violetta mammola / viola odorata)
    • 3 slices of organic lemon
    • 300ml of water
    • 180 g of sugar
    • 3 drops of apple cider vinegar

Violet Syrup

A great spring recipe, made with sweet violets, one of the first flowers that bloom on the edge of our woods, as soon as the snow melts.


Boil the water with the lemon slices. Turn off the heat and add the violets to let them infuse overnight. Filter well, add 3 drops of vinegar and the sugar. Boil the infusion for 15-20 minutes until the sugar has dissolved. Bottle the syrup when it’s still hot.

This fabulously colored syrup is said to be good for colds, coughs and headaches. We also recommend it as a refreshing drink, diluted in cold water!

Thanks to Carla from Agritur Agriroom for the recipe!


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