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Parfait with Dandelion honey, cinnamon and walnuts

Parfait with Dandelion honey, cinnamon and walnuts

    Ingredients for 4:
    - 3 egg yolks
    - 150 g of Dandelion honey
    - 250 g of unsweetened whipping cream
    - 1 cinnamon stick
    - chopped walnuts


Whip the cream until firm. In a pan, bring to a boil the honey with the cinnamon. With the planetary mixer, whip the egg yolks and pour in the warm honey through a sieve to remove the cinnamon stick. Continue whipping until the mixture has cooled, then delicately fold in the whipped cream mixture, trying to avoid the formation of lumps. Pour the final mixture into single portion moulds or into glass jars. Place in the freezer for at least 12 hours. Serve decorated with the chopped walnuts and a cinnamon stick.

Our advice...

We suggest you enjoy these parfait accompanied Orient Espresso by Bar Caffè Lanterna Magica.

Recipe created and made by

Ivano Nicolodi - Osteria Casa de Gentili (Sanzeno)



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