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Crumb cake - “Torta da frigoloti”

Crumb cake - “Torta da frigoloti”

    • 1 kg farina
    • 500 gr zucchero
    • 500 gr burro
    • 2 uova
    • 100 gr mandorle o nocciole
    • 1 bustina di lievito
    • ½ bicchierino di grappa
    • 1 pizzico sale


Put all the ingredients on a flowered board mixing lightly with your hands to make the typical “frigoloti”, that is small grains or crumbs.  

Grease the pan, put the crumbs lightly into the pan without pressing them, just by shaking the pan gently. You can garnish with almonds if you like.  

The “torta da frigoloti” should be made a couple of days before serving to exalt the flavours!

Bake at 170°C for 35 min.


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