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The Val di Non and Val di Sole Apples and Flavours Route

Magic places, fragrances and flavours: all this in the Noce River valleys!

Two bordering areas that share the same kind of gentle landscape and both abounding in lakes and torrents. In this corner of North-Western Trentino grows an extensive fruit orchard of about 7,000 hectares, where over 4,000 farmers produce the only DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) apple in Italy.

Cattle farming is quite common in the areas at higher altitudes of Val di Non and of Val di Sole. The milk they produce is used to make many kinds of dairy products/cheeses, such as Trentingrana, Casolét and the various local cheeses, each one featuring the taste of the local mountain pastures and hay.

Other excellent products are the cold meats, such as the smoked Mortandèla, and the small production of wine that has been recovered on the shores of Lake Santa Giustina with the restoration of an ancient native grape variety, the Groppello di Revò.

These generous valleys do not only produce apples, but also pears, cherries, wild berries and vegetables. The fruit and the fresh produce are transformed to make many other types of products, such as apple juice, cider and fruit preserves, while the many bees that help pollinate the fruit trees produce delicious honey.

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