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Discover the typical products and the beauties of Trentino along the Wine and Flavours Routes

The Wine and Flavours Routes wind through the traditional and vocational production areas of Trentino: from the famous apples of Val di Non and Val di Sole to the tasty cheeses of the eastern Dolomites and the wines produced all the way from Garda to Val di Cembra.


All of Trentino features vineyards and wineries, food farms and operators that work day in and day out to produce the very best typical agro-food products, all set in a rich natural, cultural and historical scenario.


In order to ensure the high quality of the products and services presented, each Trentino Wine and Flavours Route is governed by procedural guidelines that are undersigned by all participants. The procedural guidelines define the minimal requirements that each category must comply with in order to guarantee that the voyage through the best products of this land is a good one.